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Antigua and Barbuda election: ‘a democratic success’

22 March 2018

Following yesterday’s general election in Antigua and Barbuda, the chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group has said she is satisfied a democratic poll has been delivered.

Janet Bostwick, former Foreign Minister and Attorney-General of The Bahamas, said: “We congratulate the people of Antigua and Barbuda for turning out in high numbers to exercise their franchise. The election was conducted in a peaceful environment and in accordance with the laws of the country and with the principles of democracy as enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter.”

The ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) led by Prime Minister Gaston Browne has secured a second consecutive term, after calling the election more than a year before elections were required.

Mrs Bostwick added: “We note that this election took place over a year earlier than constitutionally due. The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission is to be commended for its efforts in preparing for and delivering a successful election within this timeframe.”

The Commonwealth has a long history of observing elections in Antigua and Barbuda; it has been present at the last five elections.

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