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Firearms legislation Consultant

Location: Home-based
Closing date: 16 November 2018
Contract duration: Approximately 65 person days

Maximum fee of: £30,000

About the assignment

The consultant is to prepare a Guide to the reform of firearms legislation in the Commonwealth. The Guide is intended to act as a practical resource for member countries regarding the process of reviewing domestic legislation to implement international obligations and effectively address the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

The Guide will bring together examples of good practice from Commonwealth member countries. In addition to providing guidance on reform, the Guide will also contain a range of case studies from Commonwealth countries in recent years. The assignment will include country assessments in three (3) selected Commonwealth countries. 

The consultant will act as general editor, author and coordinator of the Guide. The consultant will have overall responsibility for conducting country assessments, in collaboration with a Commonwealth Secretariat staff member, delivering the text of the complete Guide through oversight and editing of the work of contributing authors, appointed as decided upon by the consultant in consultation with the Secretariat.

The successful consultant will have a degree in law, a minimum of 15 years of professional expertise and practical professional experience in provision of legal or policy advice, analysis and legal drafting. You will also have experience in particular on firearms, small arms or related security issues.

How to apply

Interested consultant/s who meet the assignment criteria are invited to participate by enclosing the following documentation:

  1. Detailed CV which includes academic qualification
  2. A cover letter with the following:
    • Profile of the consultant and details of similar projects undertaken
    • Technical approach and methodology
    • A detailed workplan and budget
    • An indication of earliest availability for the assignment, or period of notice required, in the event of an offer.

For Individual consultant

  • You must provide your name and nationality with your CV detailing your educational qualifications, track record, proposed level of effort, and experience in other similar assignments.

For consultancy company

  • You must provide the name and nationality of each consultant with CV detailing their educational qualifications, track record, proposed level of effort, and experience in other similar assignments.
  • You should also attach company profile  

Apply as as individual consultant

Apply as consultancy company 

Applications close on Friday, 16 November 2018 at 17:00 GMT

Please note that you need to be a Commonwealth national to apply.

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