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Call for Expression of interest – Consultancy Pool for Debt Management Unit

Closing date: 23 October 2017

Invitation for Expression of Interest – Debt Management Unit | Economic Social and Sustainable Development Directorate


The Secretariat, through the Debt Management Unit (DMU), implements Commonwealth Secretariat’s capacity building programme in debt management in its member countries. The debt management assistance programme includes a range of policy advisory services and two in-house developed and maintained specialized debt management applications namely; Commonwealth Secretariat Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS), and HORIZON. The programme facilitates promoting prudent and efficient debt management practices, reducing long-term debt servicing cost, lowering risks of debt distress, improving access to finance and promoting debt sustainability to member countries.

 The debt management programme is essentially focused on three main thematic areas:

  • Policy Advice: Providing policy advice and assistance on public debt management issues;
  • Capacity Building: Strengthening the institutional capacity and expertise in member countries in debt management operations and specialized systems; and
  • Suite of Debt Management Software: Provision of the Commonwealth Secretariat suite of debt management software for debt recording & management and an analytical tool.


The Secretariat is seeking to establish a pool of specialists to support the delivery of the debt management programme.  The specialist pool will be established for an initial period of three years; after which it will be reviewed and assessed for extension. The pool will be used to engage services of specialist consultants for the specific short-term assignments as per the needs emerging from time to time.

Scope of Work

DMU engages the services of specialists from time to time in the following focus areas: (a) policy advisory assistance to member countries in the areas of institutional arrangement, legal framework, development of the domestic debt market and contingent liability management and; (b) capacity building in the suite of the Secretariat’s debt management applications for debt recording, management and analysis.

The different areas of consultancies are as follows:

  • Institutional Arrangement and Legal Framework for Public Debt Management
  • Development of Domestic Debt Markets
  • Sovereign Contingent Liability Management
  • Capacity Building in Debt Management Systems
  • Capacity Building in Horizon
  • Debt Data Validation
  • Debt Management Systems IT Training

Please refer to the terms of reference for full information on these areas.

Interested firms or individuals are requested to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) along with:

  1. The areas of consultancy that are being applied for (7 areas)
  2. Up-to-date CV(s);
  3. Evidence of practical experience gained working in the area of public debt management;
  4. Evidence of experience related to the consultancy;
  5. Company profile if applicable;
  6. Completed Company Registration form or Personal History form (as applicable); Consultancy companies should submit a completed Consultancy Company Registration and Individual applicants should submit a completed Personal History Form (PHF).  Both forms along with the Skill Codes Booklet are down-loadable from the Commonwealth Secretariat Website.

How to Apply:

Interested experts/specialists and consultancy companies with expertise in the area of public debt management can submit a duly completed application form with detailed CV(s)and covering letter online.

Individuals and firms not shortlisted will be notified after a Specialist Pool evaluation process conducted by the Commonwealth Secretariat has been concluded.


Link to apply individual: https://www.networxrecruitment.com/Jobs/Advert/1034504

Link to apply company: https://www.networxrecruitment.com/Jobs/Advert/1034429


Deadline for applications is 17:00 BST on 23 October 2017.

Terms of reference