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  • Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Women’s Forum

    Raising the awareness of women’s issues in Commonwealth countries and showing how women’s contributions can have a positive impact politically, economically and socially.

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  • Supporting human development

    Our work centres on gender equality and the empowerment of women

  • Commonwealth Women's Affairs Ministers Meetings

    Discussing critical issues in advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality in the Commonwealth.

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  • Promoting gender equality

    Supporting women entrepreneurs, tackling violence against women and their underrepresentation in political systems and leadership.

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We work to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in all social, economic and political spheres.

We provide technical assistance to member countries to support skills training and capacity building initiatives, monitoring and evaluation and high level advocacy, research and knowledge generation and lead the way for building consensus on key global gender priorities for the Commonwealth. 

Our work centres on key aspects of human development towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Post-2015 Sustainable Goals, and global commitments on gender equality and overall empowerment of women.

There are three inter-linked functions to our gender work:

  1. Promoting women’s rights and gender equality in Commonwealth countries through advocacy, policy advice, capacity building, and technical assistance.
  2. Convening triennial meetings of Commonwealth Ministers responsible for Women’s Affairs, annual meetings of Commonwealth Women’s National Machineries and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Women’s Forum.
  3. Leading and coordinating systems and mechanisms for effective gender mainstreaming. 

Women survivors must be at centre of fight against sexual violence

The horror of sexual violence in conflict must be challenged by educating women about their human rights and empowering men and boys as champions against such abuses, says leading women's rights activist Dr Denis Mukwege.

Guide to helping end violence against women and girls praised by experts

A practical guide aimed at ending violence against women in parts of Asia has been praised by experts.

More countries must commit to tackle child marriage

A coordinated response to tackle the scourge of child marriage has never been more pressing in the Commonwealth, where a child is married every 17 minutes.